For over 15 years we focus on working with visual effects during every stage of a production.  Visual effects has always been about the combination of art and science, and the more difficult scientific challenges are better handled by teams at bigger studios. Smaller VFX shops are, of course, still regular technical innovators, and often need to deftly problem solve in order to compete with the larger players and we are no exception. For us no production is to big or to small.

VFX-Supervision: During all stages of your production or just for specific stages – our experienced team will increase your visual vision of your project and your production efficiency. Besides technical solutions we offer creative solutions as well and make your project is being filmed in a way that the vfx-postproduction will have no issues and all resources required.

VFX-Producing: To estimate the cost of the visual effects just based on a script needs an experienced vfx producer. Take benefit from our independence. We are not bend to economic pressure your vfx-facility might have. We calculate a realistic cost estimate and search the best fitting vfx-facilities for the tasks required and coordinate those until your production is finished. This will save your production money and headaches when it comes to understanding the complex process of vfx during communication with your suppliers.

VFX-Consulting: You are developing a tool, equipment, or are in the middle of the project with unplanned upcoming vfx inquiries and vfx-related issues. Feel free to call us and make use of our know how.


Script-Breakdown, VFX-Budgeting, VFX-Previz, Research & Development, Consulting, VFx-Supervision, Props & Miniature Build. Pipeline  creation. Supervision, Consulting, Execution.


VFX-Producing (Controlling, Vendor aquiry  & communaction, Bids and Contracting)

VFX-Supervision in prep and on Set, VFX-Editiorial, VFX-Unit Productions (2nd Unit, G/S Unit, Matte- or Plate Unit, Miniature Unit)

VFX-Unit: We cover your G/S shoots or act as independent shooting unit with a small vfx-experienced crew in order to realize required filmings off from the first units schedule. We plan, schedule and execute the filming on your behalf and in your interest without putting additional work on your production manager or first AD.


VFX-Producing and Supervision as above. Controlling and coordinating artists and post-facilities/vendors. Troubleshooting, problem solving and vfx-reshoots as well as general quality assurance. We use controlling and tracking tools like shotgunstudio or work with you on indiviudal solutions.